Investigations and Reports

With over 25 years experience dealing with voltage incidents on the electricity network across the country we have a great experience in dealing with electricity customers on behalf of the network operators.

We will verify on site any claims to damage that may have occurred as well as verifying the incoming supply. Our fully trained engineers will look at appliances down to component level to ascertain if damage was due to electrical supply problems and provide a full report to our clients so they may decide on action to take.


Reports can be provided in various formats; paper, digital, or even via portal link in real time. All include date, time and location-stamped photographs, video, and thermal camera pictures as appropriate.

When producing investigation reports on a daily basis, a portal link can be set up, allowing reports to be viewed within a few hours of being completed – or even live.

Our reports are often used for insurance claims. They can be used to support the validity of confirming consequential damage and assisting with crime prosecutions, as well as resolving issues and technical problems, supporting maintenance schedules and requirements and providing technical solutions and budget requirements.

Our services Include

  • Portable electrical appliance damage after voltage complaints
  • Fixed electrical investigations this can include heavy machinery
  • Wiring Investigations
  • Rising mains and submains condition reports
  • Metering points both electrical and gas
  • Assessment of damage for loss adjusters