Riser / Sub Mains

Investigations and Reports

Haste can carry out detailed investigations when needed, providing clients with clear reports of our findings. Investigations are conducted by our experienced, qualified and highly competent staff, who we train in-house. We understand that, as a client, you may wish to specify investigation needs and/or the flow of the report. We’re ready to adapt both our investigations and reporting methods to suit your requirements.

We carry out several types of investigation:

Appliance detailed investigation: Haste Workshop Engineers and Appliance Repair staff can investigate appliances down to PCB component levels. Damaged and/or affected components are identified, general PCB damage, construction and functionality of the appliance is investigated and all findings are reported. This kind of investigation can be applied to most electrical items, and can be conducted on site or in our fully equipped workshops.

Fix electrical item investigation: Again, these investigations are carried out down to PCB component levels, including supply cables and circuits. Items can be fully investigated on site or in our workshops, assessing condition, suitability, regulation compliance and various forms of damage.

House wiring: These on site investigations range from an isolation resistance test of an installation to full property installation condition reports. We identify any immediate faults associated with a voltage incident and facilitate power being restored as soon as possible.

Metering points: Both electric and gas metering points can be fully investigated (normally for revenue protection purposes). Such investigations can deal with technically dangerous interference that poses a serious risk to life and property, and Haste can provide detailed reports at the same time as rectifying these dangers. These investigations can include co-ordinating other services, such as those involving distribution network operators (DNOs) and/or gross tonnages (GTs). They can also cover illegal or un-registered connections to utilities.

Rising main and sub main investigation: Haste can investigate and report on the condition of rising mains cables in blocks of flats. Such investigations normally include thermal imaging photos for hot spots as well as condition. We can investigate sub-main cable requirements where changes are proposed to determine routes, materials required etc. These are often referred to as pre-visit for planning.

The above investigation can be vital for utility suppliers, the distribution network operator (DNO), insurance companies, police forces or even private individuals.

Reports: Reports can be provided in various formats: Paper, digital, or even via portal link in real time. All normally include date, time and location-stamped photographs, video, and thermal camera pictures as appropriate.

When producing investigation reports on a daily basis, we can set you up with a portal link, allowing reports to be viewed within a few hours of being completed – or even live during an emergency.

Our reports are often used for insurance claims. They can be used to support the validity of confirming consequential damage and assisting with crime prosecutions, as well as resolving issues and technical problems, supporting maintenance schedules and requirements and providing technical solutions and budget requirements.

Haste can carry out several types of investigation including:

  • Appliance detailed investigation
  • Fix electrical item investigation
  • House wiring
  • Metering points
  • Gas meter points
  • Rising main and sub main investigation
  • Customer support vehicles for power outage or other loss of utility services.

We received an excellent service from Haste. It was super efficient and everyone from the engineers o the telephone staff were extremely helpful and supportive.

Mr & Mrs D Blake